Donʼt you love the surprises that you get sometimes in life that are completely unbidden? One day I was on my morning walk, a route that I have taken many, many times. All of sudden I noticed that I walking on a carpet of magenta colored flower blossoms. The crepe myrtles were shedding their blooms for the season and the side walk was covered in with the beauty of these dying blossoms. I am so glad that I looked down!

An experience like this taps a place in our hearts that we all long to feel. It is difficult to describe but it is something like a feeling of joy, or delight, or awe. It gives life the color and vibrancy that we wish for.

Practices such as asana (yoga poses), meditation, and breath work, can cultivate our ability to tap into that same place within our heart. Steady practice over time gives us the ability to get into that place intentionally. We learn how to go there and spend more time there.

While we welcome receiving this feeling of joy or awe in spontaneous moments, we also want to set our intention to cultivate the ability to go there more often.  Look for the good in life and work to cultivate those “states of heart” that are life enhancing!   Feelings of anger, sadness, fear, and  disappointment are definitely a part of life and we have to experience them.  And we can choose to move on from there and look for the good!