Jemme StewartCarolina Psychotherapy Center was created in 1981 by Jemme Stewart and her late husband, The Reverend David E. Stewart, Jr.   Ms. Stewart’s approach is working with clients to mutually develop creative and effective strategies for dealing with the inevitable stress that occurs in our lives and to enhance their ability to experience more joy in life. The goal is to become increasingly skillful in making life-enhancing choices.

With training in counseling, a medical background in psychiatric nursing, as well as experience as a yoga teacher, Ms. Stewart brings a unique and holistic approach to working with clients. The bringing together of what is valuable from Western teachings and Eastern teachings, has been the focus of Ms. Stewart’s work over the last few years.

“With nearly forty years of experience working with families, individuals, and groups, not only do I continue to grow and study in my field of interest, but I am passionate about my life work and devote myself to my own personal growth and the personal growth of my clients.”

- Jemme Bethune Stewart,  PMHCNS-BC, LPC, RYT